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PTrax - Electronic Patient Management System for the Correctional Healthcare Market.

Ptrax Modules
-Online Intake – We take your forms and make them into an online system
-Patient Enrollment
-Appt scheduling / Tracking
-Chronic Care tracking
-Infection Control
-Infirmary Tracking
-Secondary care tracking
-Utilization review
-Management Reporting
-Budget Tracking
-Human Resources

Patient Enrollment

PTrax© software provides two types of patient enrollment. When the correctional institution can provide an electronic census it may be transferred in to Ptrax© providing an up to date roster of all potential patients. Ptrax© can perform daily queries of this electronic census to assure all new releases and intakes are immediately updated.

Patients can be manually entered as necessary by clerical staff.

Patient Appointment Tracking

When the patient needs to see a provider an appointment is made in the database. This appointment is uniquely identified with that patient providing an electronic history of all patient activity. Your personnel can then print out appointment schedules for your various providers and specialty clinics. When the appointment has taken place the roster is returned and the follow-up information is added to your system providing continuity of care. This will allow you to track areas such as no-shows, physician comments, and appointment related notes.

Chronic Care

Each patient is assigned the type/types of chronic care they require such as diabetes, HIV, asthma, seizure, and hypertension. Chronic care clinics may be added or modified as required. This allows you to identify and track your chronic care population to ensure they are receiving treatment on a timely basis.

Infection Control

Infection control labs / TB plants per inmate are entered and tracked. Infection control areas such as HIV, TB and STD’s are the primary areas of interest.

Hospitalization/Emergency Room Tracking (UR)

It is imperative to have accurate inpatient and ER information for cost containment purposes. All hospitalization cases and off-site emergency room runs are entered and tracked. The software calculates inpatient days, average length of stay as well as many other categories.

Infirmary Tracking

Institutions that have infirmaries enter admits/discharges with detailed information. An infirmary census can be recalled for any time frame, as well as calculations for average stays, and percent occupancy giving the institution an accurate picture and the ability to measure cost effectiveness of its resource utilization.

Miscellaneous Tracking:

Many other categories of statistics are tracked at the volume level, per day per institution per shift. This allows for aggregate reporting at the end of each reporting period.

Budget Tracking

The financial database allows for budget tracking, all invoices for the site are entered and coded, with cover/log sheets automatically generated. This allows you to enter budgets, create purchase orders and enter invoice information by vendor. This helps the site to be more on top of all expenditures and current budget status. Inpatient and Outpatient invoices are tracked with the service authorization number allowing tracking of individual authorizations. This allows for aggregate tracking of costs for use with capitated expenditure contracts.

Human Resources

This system keeps a record of your employee information. It has the capability to scan into the database copies of their licensure, CPR, and other related items that are kept in the hard file. The system also provides online counseling forms, as well as performance reviews. Tracking educational history such as orientations and training sessions for NCCHC documentation is also a part of the Ptrax© system. One of the main benefits is tracking important documents such as licenses about to expire. This ensures you always have complete and accurate information on record.

Memo Writer

All correspondence can be written and recalled at any time. This feature also provides a uniform means of documentation providing a professional appearance.

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